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The Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy has been determined as the following:

-To be the leading association of our own industry and to make our brand the leading brand of oUr country
-Taking the necessary precautions to prevent occurrence of failures and to prevent the re-occurrence of failures by fixing them.
-To adopt, implement and continually improve our Quality Management System
-To provide the higher quality services in compliance with the world standards with a lower price
-By knowing that the future is in the quality, to implement and continually improve our Quality Management System without making any compromises
-To maintain an unconditional and continuous customer satisfaction by satisfying the needs of our customers with a ‘ –Social Responsibility Awareness’ on time and at the requested form.
-To preserve and improve the common benefits by being in collaboration with our suppliers.
-To asses and provide our service production with the Health. Safety, Environment and Security Policies.
-To raise the quality awareness of our employees, and to ensure that they have knowledge at the desired level and to increase their individual contribution in our company,

Our Service
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