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-Working for preventing any environmental problems before they occur

-By contributing in every kind of activities for the protection of people and environmental health, to establish the environment

-To comply with the rules mentioned at the laws and legislations and follow the new legislations and to determine our own procedures where there are no legislations.

-To prefer recyclable materials for minimum environmental damage.

-To improve the environmental awareness of our employees, to ensure their attendance to in-house and oulsourced trainings.

-Energy, which is consumed less, damages the environment less. With this awareness, to carry out studies about energy saving.

-With our activities carried out in the subject of environment. to be the leader in our industry.

-For the natural disasters and accidents that can occur to prepare the emergency response plans and to share the related studies with the per-sonnel.

-To remove our wastes with the legally valid methods or to send them to recycle and to receive these services from the companies that comply with the waste management and that have certificates approved from the related corporations and associations.

Driving a vehicle loaded with hazardous material requires more liability when compared to driving a heavy vehicle. Because;

-Hazardous material in high amount is carried
-Truck, hauler and trailer are equipped with special systems.
-There are many specific rules of loading, driving and unloading.

Thus, you have to know all the information related with the equipment management and procedures. The people who will drive our vehicles have to be healthy and properly trained. Terminals are equipped with electrical and electromechanical devices to prevent the overflow and spills. The presence of such devices does not remove the liability to prevention of overflows and spills. It is possible that these equipment crash. All the operations have to be kept under close control.

In spite of the highly significant improvements in vehicles and working conditions, accidents keep on occurring. 90% of these accidents arise from people's incompliant behaviors with the standards. If these are recorded, investigated and the main reasons are analyzed immediately, serious accidents may be prevented. In the background of each serious accident. there lie hundreds of small incidents and near misses. For this reason, accidents definitely have to be recorded.

The commitment of management and the drivers on vehicle driving and leadership (being and example) shown is of prime importance. Everybody should pay effort to improve his or her skills.

Delivering our service to our customers in the safest manner is our commitment.

We commit the following:

-To comply with the Health and Safety laws, rules and regulations.
-In the production of the services, the employees who has the first task will be chosen among the healthy people,
-All employees will apply the necessities of a healthy living both at their work and private lives,
-All our employees will participate in the planned health checks and will fulfill the treatment conditions,
-All our employees will work with instructions and will be delivered the necessary training and work flow plans to avoid any situations endangering their health,
-Avoidance of harming the health of the people that we have to contact due to our operation as well as our health and keeping the 3rd parties away from our operation as much as possible
-With the awareness of that the product can harm human health, selecting our personal protective equipment from the proper ones, and keeping them clean and maintained and using them continuously at our operations -Ensure the continuity of the training planning to increase the awareness of the occupational safety awareness.
-To start the necessary activities for eliminating the elements which threaten our employee and the 3rd parties in contact with us by updating the risk assessments,